BioPoly® devices are implanted utilizing reusable instrument kits allowing for the following highlighted benefits:

  • Arthroscopic assisted implantation is quick and straightforward.
  • Unique implant design and construction restores articulating surface.
  • Joint disruption is minimized and anatomy is preserved.
  • Patients rapidly recover & return to activity.

BioPoly development is underway in many other orthopaedic segments as well, including the ankle (talar dome), shoulder (humeral head and glenoid), Patellofemoral joint, hip, etc.

Availability and Ordering

The BioPoly® Great Toe and Lesser Toe implants have received 510(k) clearance from the FDA to market in the US. The Knee, Patella, and Trochlea implants are not yet FDA approved. Please contact BioPoly to learn more about the benefits of the BioPoly® implants and their clinical use.

For product availability and ordering information in your country contact BioPoly.


BioPoly, LLC is committed to developing new resurfacing options to advance patient outcomes.  Check back with us as we expand our product offerings.