The BioPoly® Advantage

Current surgical treatments for painful, debilitating articular cartilage defects lie between two extremes: biological attempts (microfracture, OATS, ACI) and artificial replacement (total or partial joint arthroplasty). Unfortunately, many patients are not good candidates for the biological techniques (or they have had a failed treatment) but they may not yet be ready for an invasive artificial joint. 

The BioPoly devices provide a treatment option between these extremes. Utilizing a patented material that is self-lubricating for improved wear properties (via a biological enhancement with Hyaluronic Acid) the BioPoly® devices are uniquely designed to replace only the damaged cartilage. Therefore, patients can quickly recover and return to pain-free, active lifestyles.

BioPoly® Great Toe Hemiarthroplasty Implant Animated Surgical Technique

Animated video presentation of the BioPoly® Great Toe Hemiarthroplasty Implant surgical technique.