First BioPoly® Great Toe Surgery Performed in US

October 1, 2021
BioPoly LLC has announced that the first BioPoly® Great Toe surgery in the U.S. was completed on September 30, 2021.
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BioPoly® Announces FDA Clearance of Its Great Toe Implant

February 3, 2021
BioPoly LLC has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted clearance for its BioPoly® Great Toe Implant.  With this FDA clearance, the BioPoly technology is available for the first time in the U.S.
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BioPoly® Orthopedic Resurfacing Products Enter North America

October 2, 2020
BioPoly, LLC has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Canada-based distributor, Verve Medical Products, Inc., to distribute the BioPoly® partial resurfacing family of products throughout Canada, with distribution initially taking place through the Canadian SAP.
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BioPoly® Granted an International Patent for Its Implant Technology

September 8, 2020
BioPoly LLC has announced that the Company has further expanded its intellectual property portfolio.
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BioPoly® Granted US Patent for Its Implant Technology

March 6, 2020
BioPoly LLC has announced that another U.S. patent has been granted for its partial resurfacing implants which protects the innovative implant designs.
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BioPoly® Oversubscribes $2M Private Equity Offering

December 18, 2019
BioPoly, LLC announced today that it has fully subscribed its latest round of private equity financing of $2M. The financing round also includes oversubscription funding of $890k.
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